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The WALTER PORTEIRO MACHINES®, is a company with 100% national capital, operating on the market since 1961. It develops and produces machinery for the textile sector, given the national and international market. With over 15,000 machines ever produced, the WP equipment has extensive technology design and manufacture of textile machinery and equipment for various industries, serving weaving, textiles, dyeing, printing, knitting and correlated. Our products are patented and standardized, meeting the requirements of national and global market, please contact us.

Featured products

Caixa de descanso tecido

Rest box

Removable box used in Machine mod. JD, where the box is removed and makes stacking for fabric rest before cutting.

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máquina revisar medir tecidos

Machine Mod. JD

Review and Measure Fabrics Plans or meshes, enabling winding in 45cm straws or regular folds in removable tray for...

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máquina inspeção medição acondicionamento tecido

Machine Mod. J-PR

Universal machine for inspection, measuring and conditioning fabric plans, knitwear, Now Woven and TNT. Also you can use the...

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